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It is my pleasure to introduce you to David Dunning. For the past five years I have been closely related to Dave as co-officers in a professional businessman’s association. During this period of time, I have developed a close working and personal bond with him.

Dave is a positive thinker, a great organizer, an excellent manager of resources, and a self-starter. He is quick to assess needs and desires, prioritize them, and then join available resources and activities to see they are properly met. Not only is Dave a good manager, but an excellent administrator as well.

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Patrick Burn

Dave Dunning has demonstrated a superior ability to accept difficult goals, organize strategies independently. and execute then effectively. Given the most difficult job at Centricut and with only a rough outline sf what we needed, Dave set to work to expand our base of suppliers. He expanded that base approximately 20% by a combination of sound market research, exploring the capabilities of the potential vendors, and direct one-on-one negotiations with each of them. His greatest accomplishment has been building a strategic relationship with a firm which is arguably the finest US manufacturer of the specialty product we used, a relationship we have been seeking in vain for several years
Centricut Past CEO

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