How it works

 How It Works

Collect royalties if Eagle Innovations commercializes your new product at no cost to you except for patent filing fees.

I am only looking for products that solve big problems for large markets (the most profit for us).  Not looking for electronic or chemical products; only simple mechanical devices.  It would have to be a game-changer, not just an improvement on an existing product.  A big improvement might be profitable.

       Three Options to Begin the Process

Click on Product Development Scenario above or below and read to the bottom for details before contacting us.

A.  E-mail: to see if I am interested in your type of product or market (without disclosing details). Ask specific questions about submitting your idea. Leave a phone number, the best time to call and your time zone.

B.  If you already have a patent or a patent pending, just send your information with no risk.

C.  If you don’t, fill out and submit the Confidentiality Agreement to protect yourself before disclosing product details. I will cosign the document and return it to you. Then you can disclose your idea in confidence.

Financial Disclosure Statement

Eagle Innovations has no capital of its own to invest in your invention except for prototyping.  It would need to have such profit potential that it would be attractive to an outside investor (minimal chance).  Instead, Eagle Innovations would try to get your product licensed to a company that would manufacture and market it, at no cost to you or to Eagle Innovations, and pay royalties (that we would share). See Product Development Scenario.

David Dunning,  President 
PO Box 264, Elkins, NH 03233

(603) 526-6939 Eastern Time