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Do you have the next electro-mechanical breakthrough?
A new device or machine that will increase productivity and/or quality?

Collect royalties if Eagle Innovations™ commercializes your
                 new product, at no cost to you.

What manufacturing solutions or improvements are needed to increase quality or productivity?

How would you upgrade old methods with new technologies or materials?

Production, Material Handling, MRO Tools, Safety Devices or any other mechanical
or electro-mechanical products?  Lower-tech products would bring royalties much
sooner than higher-tech products and with less R&D costs.

Have you designed and made a new tool, tool-holder or work holding device that other companies
would buy to use in their own shops?  
The broader the market the greater the potential royalties; material handling for instance.
Your idea could have offshoots into other applications or markets.  It could even be the start of a  
new line of products that could continue to grow.

Together we can design and build your machine or mechanism and have it manufactured and market
it globally.  Eagle Innovations would then patent it in your name.

Great ideas come from
people like you; not just from companies.  
What new product idea have you shown your boss that he/she wasn't interested in pursuing?
If you are the boss, we can make special arrangements to pursue your new product or machine.
(Non-industrial products must solve a significant problem in a very large market to be of interest.)

Fill out the below
Confidentiality Agreement to protect yourself before disclosing product details.
Copy it to a word document to fill out and e-mail back or surface mail it.  (Delete the empty lines
first.)  It will be cosigned and returned to you.  Then you can disclose your idea in confidence.

eagle-innovations@tds.net to ask specific questions about submitting your idea.  
Leave a phone number, the best time to call and your time zone.   David Dunning


                                  COMPANY PROFILE
Eagle Innovations’ mission is to design and commercialize new products that serve waiting market
needs, with primary focus on industrial products.  

David J. Dunning, President, is a Manufacturing Engineer with thirty three years of experience in
manufacturing management, marketing and sales.  Achievements include: Founder/CEO of Ferrex
Corp. a twenty two employee contract machining and manufacturing company, Director of
Manufacturing of Centricut, LLC - a multi-million dollar plasma torch company, and Marketing
Manager of NIMCO - another large metalworking firm.  He has also been a Sales Engineer, an
Industrial Marketing Consultant and past president of the NH Inventors Assoc.

Funding for this venture is pending.  Your industrial product idea will help secure it; so don't wait.


Industrial Inventors and Eagle Innovations will work together through the following sequence.  

1.   NEED RECOGNITION – Is the function new, or how is it being done now?  
How much would a company be willing to pay for something new or better to do it?

2.   IDEAS for SOLUTIONS – List all conceivable ways of accomplishing the function,
besides the way you currently have in mind.

3.   MARKET RESEARCH – How big is the market?  What products are serving the market need
now?  List all categories of industry that might be potential markets; consider  variations of design for
different market segments.  

4.   PATENT SEARCH – What similar products have been patented?  (Only 5% of patented products
reach the market; the other 95% must be searched out of the patent files.)  What design ideas could
be legally taken and incorporated form existing patented drawings?  Eagle Innovations does the patent

5.   PRODUCT DESIGN – Steps 5, 6 & 7 may be done by either Eagle Innovations or the  Inventor,
but preferable in a cooperative effort.  Steps 5, 6 & 7 go around in a loop until the design is perfected
and/or costs are optimized.  

6.   PROTOTYPING – then design modifications.
7.   TESTING – then more design modifications.

8.   COSTING – is considered beginning in the design phase.  Cost is influenced by alternative
manufacturing methods and by production and sales volumes.

9.    PRICING – New industrial products that will save companies money will be priced to reflect the
value of those savings, with maximum margins for Eagle Innovations and maximum royalties.

10.   MARKETING – Initially, new products will be direct marketed through Industrial Equipment
News (IEN) and/or other industrial new product publications.

11.   MANUFACTURING – Eagle Innovations is planning to have an in-house manufacturing facility.  
However, products that require electronics will be sub-contracted out to other appropriate
manufacturers.  The primary source will be nearby Kalow Technologies.   

12.   PATENT APPLICATION - A lower cost Provisional Patent Application allows 12 months to
test-market the product, etc.  By then the Final Patent Application must be filed.  Eagle Innovations
will handle both.

13.   INVENTOR’S ROYALTIES – There are two options for licensing your invention.  (A) If Eagle
Innovations manufactures and markets it, you will be offered a 5% royalty (on the selling price).  
Eagle Innovations will incur all costs; you will not be asked to pay for anything.  (B) If Eagle
Innovations licenses it to another company, you will receive 50% of the royalties that Eagle
Innovations receives. (However, if all product development costs are not recouped by an up-front
payment from that company, royalty sharing will not begin until the break-even point.)

14.  OTHER FINANCIAL OPTIONS - If the inventor is an owner of a company, other options
would be available depending on the owner's preferences for manufacturing, marketing, etc.



BETWEEN Eagle Innovations LLC, a New Hampshire based company with headquarters in Elkins,
NH (hereinafter referred to as “EI”) represented by David J. Dunning, President and either A or B
below (whether an individual or a company):

A.        (Name) _______________________, residing in _______________, (State) _____
B.        (Co.) _______________________________of _________________, (State) _____
Represented by _________________________, (Position) _____________________
(Either hereinafter referred to as “Inventor”).

                   WITNESSES THAT:

WHEREAS, Inventor has an unpatented idea for, or a design for, or a working model of a new
product which could be commercialized by collaborating with EI, said idea or design or model is
being disclosed to EI in confidence that it will be kept secret.  

Said new product would serve the following market(s): ___________________________

By performing the following function(s), in broad terms without revealing yet how it would actually work:

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual benefits which may be derived from said
discussions or activities, the parties agree that any confidential information will be treated as follows:

A.        EI will not furnish to any third party any information pertaining to said new product idea,
except to reliable technical associates whose input may be needed or who may become involved.

B.        EI will not proceed beyond preliminary market research, a preliminary patent search, and
preliminary product design analysis and costing, without a separate agreement to proceed further.  
Any such initial efforts by EI and any initial funds expended would be at no cost to Inventor.

C.        Any forwarded designs or information, written or electronically stored, and any product
models will be promptly returned to Inventor upon request, unless otherwise specified in a
subsequent agreement.

D.        EI will not assume any intellectual property rights to said product or concept.

TERM:  This agreement shall be in force for three (3) years from the date of signing.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as attested by their
personal signatures.
                                                    Inventor’s e-mail __________________________
Eagle Innovations, LLC                                                                             
_________________________________       __________________________________________
By:                                    (date)              (Sign)                                    (date)
                                                   Tel: ______________________________________
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