BETWEEN Eagle Innovations LLC, a New Hampshire based company with headquarters in Elkins, NH (hereinafter referred to as
“EI”) represented by David J. Dunning, President and either A or B below (whether an individual or a company):

A.        (Name) _______________________, residing in _______________, (State) _____
B.        (Co.) _______________________________of _________________, (State) _____
Represented by _________________________, (Position) _____________________
(Either hereinafter referred to as “Inventor”).

                                                             WITNESSES THAT:

WHEREAS, Inventor has an unpatented idea for, or a design for, or a working model of a new product which could be
commercialized by collaborating with EI, said idea or design or model is being disclosed to EI in confidence that it will be kept

Said new product would serve the following market(s): ___________________________

By performing the following function(s), in broad terms without revealing yet how it would actually work:

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual benefits which may be derived from said discussions or activities, the parties
agree that any confidential information will be treated as follows:

A.        EI will not furnish to any third party any information pertaining to said new product idea, except to reliable technical
associates whose input may be needed or who may become involved.

B.        EI will not proceed beyond preliminary market research, a preliminary patent search, and preliminary product design
analysis and costing, without a separate agreement to proceed further.  Any such initial efforts by EI and any initial funds expended
would be at no cost to Inventor.

C.        Any forwarded designs or information, written or electronically stored, and any product models will be promptly returned
to Inventor upon request, unless otherwise specified in a subsequent agreement.

D.        EI will not assume any intellectual property rights to said product or concept.

TERM:  This agreement shall be in force for three (3) years from the date of signing.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as attested by their personal signatures.
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Eagle Innovations, LLC                                                                               
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By:                                    (date)                                                             (Sign)                                    (date)
                                                                                           Tel: ______________________________________
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