EAGLE INNOVATIONS, LLC  A New Product Development & Marketing Company

                         Mission: to design and/or commercialize new products that serve waiting market needs.  

                                                                     Ownership & Management

    This New Hampshire based limited liability company has three original members: David and Beverly Dunning and High Plains        
Investments, LLC.

    David Dunning, President, has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering with a minor in Marketing and forty years of experience in  
manufacturing management, marketing and sales.  Achievements include: Founder/CEO of Ferrex Corp, a 22-employee contract
machining and manufacturing company, Director of Manufacturing of Centricut, LLC – a plasma torch company, and Marketing
Manager of NIMCO – another large metalworking firm.  He also has been a Sales Engineer and an Industrial Marketing Consultant.  
David has taught “Manufacturing Engineering” and “How to start a small business” at NH Technical Institute.  

    David is past president of New Hampshire Inventors Assoc. and current president of the Society for Industrial Archeology,
Northern New England Chapter.  He is also a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and a retired Major in the Marine
Corps Reserves.

    Beverly Dunning, VP/Treasurer, is the Controller and Office Manager of a multi-million-dollar forestry management company.  
She has also been Assistant Branch Manager of a bank.

    High Plains Investments, LLCU The Principal of High Plains Investments is Founder/CEO of  He acquired
Centricut, LLC (listed above) while David was Director of Manufacturing there.  Patrick invested seed capital in Eagle Innovations.

                                                                     Professional Associations

    Legal: Mesmer & Deleault, PLLC, Manchester, NH, both business and patent law services.

    Contact Information:

    T: (603) 526-6939             
    PO Box #264, Elkins, NH 03233    

 My Story

  I was electrocuted by a high voltage overhead crane rail in my machine shop. I, David, was high on a ladder hanging Christmas  
lights around the windows when my wrist contacted an exposed rail that was supposed to be shut off.  Thrown from the ladder, I
landed on the back of my head on the cement floor.  On the way down, I struck the side of my head on a lathe.  Then a tool,
knocked from the bench, hit my forehead.  I was alone in the shop as it was after closing time.  No one knows how long I lay
unconscious before the Lord got me to the office phone to call my wife.  Beverly was making supper, I was late, and one of the kids
had a school function that night.  Rushing to the shop, Bev said that the blood trail showed that I had crawled under several
machines.  Bev was the part-time book keeper and full-time wife and mother of three.  She brought me to the local hospital where
(after critical delays) I was sent to a much larger one.  Before leaving, I relapsed into a coma.  Our family doctor accompanied me in
the ambulance.  He later said that it was the longest ride of his life, trying to keep me alive until I got to Mary Hitchcock Memorial
      After many hours of surgery, on both my head and my wrist, my brain was still swelling.  The head neurosurgeon then asked
Beverly for permission to try something radical that was my only chance of survival.  He had to remove both upper halves of my
skull to let my brain continue swelling without destroying itself.  He said that it had never been done in this hospital and he could only
give me a 50% chance of being anything but a vegetable.  However, without releasing the pressure, “he dies tonight”.  It had to be
Beverly’s call.  Totally overwhelmed, knowing that I would hate being trapped in an un-responsive body, all that she could say was
“Oh God!!”.  Bev and I had been Christians for many years. She prayed while the neurosurgeon was waiting for an answer: “Lord,
if you’re calling my husband home, he’s yours.  But if you’ll keep him for us, please let him still have his abilities”.  Then, trusting
God for the results, she said to go ahead. The next morning, at my bedside, the neurosurgeon told Bev that he’d look for signs of
movement within 24 hours or I wasn’t going to make it.  Just then I wiggled my foot!  The doctor said to Bev “I don’t know if you’
re going to cry but I am.”  Beverly knew that God had answered her prayer and that I would be all right, over time.  
   Bev took over running our 20-man machine shop while mothering our three school-age children and tending to me in the hospital.  
After 3 months there and then another 2 at a rehabilitation hospital, I came home but could only tolerate a few hours a day at the
shop.  I’d become overwhelmed by all that was going on and need to leave.  When friends and family asked Beverly how she could
be so calm under all the stress, she told them that the Lord was watching over us and that she could feel peace about it.  We did
finally loose the business (and our total investment) as it was floundering due to my uncertain future in the eyes of our employees
and our customers.  In fact, it was 7 years before I could work again.  Five years into the recovery, I broke my upper back when I
was knocked out of a tree I was topping.  Falling twenty feet, I landed on my back with the tree top on me.  The orthopedic
surgeon said that he had never seen a spinal fracture like that that didn’t include a severed spinal cord.  “Thanks again Lord.”
   Beverly and I hope that you never have accidents like these, but your family may experience other trials.  We want you to know
what placing our lives in God’s hands has meant to us and could to you.  I’ve sometimes wondered if He had a purpose for keeping
me alive; perhaps it was so I can share with you the comfort that we have in our Lord Jesus.    

                                                                     EAGLE INNOVATIONS, LLC
    They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; Isaiah 40:31