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        Besides Eagle Innovations' own developments, the below are being sought.  

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               Wanted Your New Industrial or Commercial Product Idea

Collect royalties if Eagle Innovations™ commercializes your new product at no
cost to you.  Click on Product Development Scenario for royalty information.

What manufacturing solutions or improvements are needed to increase quality or

How would you upgrade old methods with new technologies or materials?

What new tool would help building contractors do their jobs better?

Production, Material Handling, MRO Tools, Dock & Door, Safety Devices or any other
mechanical or electro-mechanical products?  Lower-tech products would bring royalties much
sooner than higher-tech products and with less R&D costs.

The broader the market the greater the potential royalties; material handling for instance.
Your idea could have offshoots into other applications or markets.  It could even be the start
of a  new line of products that could continue to grow.  
(A non-industrial product must solve
a significant problem in a very large market to be of interest; a contractor's tool for

Together we can design and build your machine or mechanism, have it manufactured and
market it globally.  Your name would be on the patent.

Fill out the above
Confidentiality Agreement to protect yourself before disclosing product
details.  Copy it to a word document to fill out, then e-mail it back or surface mail it.  
(Delete the empty blank lines first.)  I will cosign it and return it to you.  Then you can
disclose your idea to me in confidence.  If you already have a patent or a patent pending,
skip this and send your invention.

eagle-innovations@tds.net to ask specific questions about submitting your idea.  
Leave a phone number, the best time to call and your time zone.  I look forward to
discussing your idea with you.
 If you're not ready to fill out the form yet, we can just talk
about it first.  

Financial Disclosure Statement
Eagle Innovations has no capital of its own to invest in your new product.  It would need to
have such profit potential that it would be attractive to an investor.  If I thought it did, I
would present it to one, but they are extremely selective.  Very few inventions rise even to
the bar of interest.  It would have to be a game changer, not just an improvement on an
existing product.

David Dunning